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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Summer Project: 101 concept drawings

Life form drawings- inspired by the 2 A4 sheets of random object provided. 
In some cases I've borrowed the overall silhouetted shape of these objects or combinations of several objects before morphing into a being (or an aspect of a being) This was quite a challenge, especially as the 'inspirational objects' were lacking in 'biological vibes' I tried to create interesting life forms, avoiding humanoid shapes as much as I could. I found myself generally creating land based creatures, although a select few could be dropped in a sea and one could fly. Most designs indicate sentient life forms but there are a select few that appear to lack that quality.





Machines-  inspired by the 2 A4 sheets of random object provided. 
This section came to me more easily than designing life forms. Creating designs that have a purpose seem to require a form of logic that I took quite well to. I tried to create all kinds of machines, vehicles, droids, weapons and even prosthetics.








Structures- inspired by the 2 A4 sheets of random object provided. 
This was a fairly difficult section to complete, due to the fact that the definition of structure is a very broad one. I found myself overwhelmed on some occasions and decided to do a little research into the work of architects before giving this category a bash. It helped- a lot. I owe a few ideas to Thomas Heatherwick and Zaha Hadid, who made this section much more interesting. I investigated bridge structures, furniture, building designs, doorways and interior design.











  1. You've got some wicked ideas! I really like your machines!

  2. Hey Emily :)

    "Was it a dog or duck?" Poor old man that I am - it's my age! Of course it was a duck, I mean a dog :D I think you're going to enjoy very much your first project - if your graphic tablet taster day experience is anything to go by! So - you like writing fiction too? I'm 70,000 words into my latest novel - and i finished a big fantasy childrens book a couple of years back - I'll talk a bit about it on Friday when I see you all again. Meanwhile, a boring, but useful blogging tip - always number your thumbnails and drawings, because it means that people can direct their feedback at your work much more precisely - obviously, this is something to think about as you progress, I'm not suggesting that you number these images since you posted them. Anyway - your mentor should be popping by anytime soon to welcome you into the fold :)

  3. POP! :D

    Hello Emily, WELCOME! I'm Sammy and just starting year 2 of the course. I've been chosen as your mentor :) Anything you need to know or want advise on or tips etc. just contact me at samanthagracebutler@hotmail.com or at uni. I'll also be following your blog and commenting on your work so you'll always have feedback.

    My major tips for course survival are:
    - Each unit comes with check list. Complete it in order and the creation of the final piece will be easy because you would have already done the work necessary to make it successful. You'll have all the research and the planning and have practiced the technical skills so you'll be confident when it comes to the final swing.

    - Remember your an artist. Be creative with each unit! If you feel you need to sew a character's costume to get it right or make a set out of play-dough just go with it and make sure to blog it. If it will help you to creatively get the best result then it's never wrong!

    - Blog everything and keep professional. Your peers and tutors will be following your work but they can only comment on what they see. Don't be afraid of negative feedback because there's no such thing. If something doesn't work in a midpoint stage it won't work in a final either and it's best you know asap. Your on a time scale with each unit so there's no time to be precious about work (something I'll admit I have a problem with). Comments will only ever be constructive and are essential to your unit's development.

    Ok well that's the 3 key points. Sorry there's a lot to read there but I hope you find it helpful. Good luck on friday and I hope to see you soon.

    1. Hi Sammy, thanks for the tips and feedback. Its all very useful! just getting to grips with the whole blogging thing, but I can see its going to be a hugely valuable resource! I'll bear your pointers in mind for future projects. Thanks again! :D