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Friday, 28 September 2012

Life Drawing: Session 1

I was given the opportunity to try life drawing a couple of years ago for a few weeks and had a single day course last year during my foundation diploma. It may be experience but it only totted up to a handful of hours, so I was quite happy to discover I can further my skills and better my drawings every week for the year. Below are the sketches I completed on tuesday.
(Please excuse some of the poor quality shots; it was very difficult to photograph A1 sheets, especially when my line work was really pale) I intend to alter the mediums I use in future; charcoal and pens (thick and thin line) so that my line work will be better seen on a white page and to add more depth to my drawings.

I feel for my first session (in quite some time) I didn't do too badly; although the heads of my larger drawings are quite clearly too small for the model. The speed of my draftsmanship needs to increase a (judging by how unfinished all my drawings are.) I need to broaden my mind on certain ideas as well- When we were set the task to engage the model with the space, I'm not entirely sure I understood the task or the concept. I did get a better idea however in the group review. Some used negative space and others put more emphasis on the background and leaving the model in a series of gestural shapes... just enough to make her form clear... Very nice ideas I hope to test out myself...
I try those next week.

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