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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Project 1: Cinematic Spaces (Creative Work)

First briefing of the year and we have been challenged to create three conceptual digital-paintings by the end of the five week period. Each concept artwork is based on three descriptive excerpts from a novel (or several novella). In order to 'choose' these novels we had to select, from the 'mysterious box', a scrap of paper, linking to a corresponding folder containing the novel excerpts. I picked number 14 which was... H.P. Lovecrafts 'At the Mountains of Madness'

I can't say I had ever heard of the novel or the author before but I am sure by the end of this project I will have been well educated on both!

'At the Mountains of Madness' is a horror story in which a team of explorers take up an expedition to Antarctica, where they encounter the remains of an 'alien' civilization and their ruined city in the mountains- one that they strongly believe pre-dates the existence of humans. Their expedition soon descends into fear and trepidation when a scout team are found completely decimated and several of the life forms that had been recovered for research have seemingly vanished. On further exploration of the ruined city, these life forms appear to have been an advanced race. Before long, the remaining explorers realize this city isn't as dead as they had first thought...

So I read my fourteen pages of excerpts, highlighting everything describing the environments within the story and I have immediately discovered the writings of Lovecraft to be especially long and descriptive. He obviously had clear and detailed images in his head when dreaming up his worlds and had to describe these alien places in immense detail. Some of his descriptions are a little challenging to decipher and have definitely pushed me into digging out a dictionary.

The way the novel is written has also encouraged me into doing a little digging on Lovecraft himself and in what era he lived. Partially to help me to picture certain period features that he describes, but also to help me gain an understanding of the author.  This is a link in which I found a lot of useful information about H.P. Lovecrafts life and his work.


  1. ooh - H.P. Lovecraft... yes, that's some rich diet of description you've got there; Lovecraft is a very 'ornate' writer, and all of his surfaces are as ornate - endless carvings and surface pattern - certainly, it wouldn't harm to take a look at the work of H.R Giger in relation to Lovecraft - both of them are big into their squirmy tentacled nasties...

  2. http://ucarochester-cgartsandanimation.blogspot.co.uk/2011/11/supplement-h-r-giger.html

  3. :O Sounds like an amazing book to have! When I did this unit we had 3 excerpts, have you the same? I narrowed mine down to a paragraph from each excerpt that I felt the most visually strong about then starting making influence maps for each to build on the ideas. Can't wait to see where you'll take this :)

    1. Yes, I indeed have three excerpts. Pages 15-18, 22-27 and 28-31. The writing is really challenging to depict in your head. I am pretty sure I can make 2 designs from the 1st excerpt; one of the explorers flying into the depths of the antarctic mountains, which are heavily described with a LOT of language I'm not sure I can easily picture in my head. The second I can more easily envision of a decimated campsite.
      The 2nd excerpt is full of descriptions about the pre-human city ruins being viewed from the air (or at least a portion of it.)
      The 3rd excerpt describes the sights inside the ruins for the two men brave enough to to venture out in their little plane. I'm hoping these are decent scenes to try and depict. I don't think I've visually made sense of some of the other descriptions I've highlighted... :/