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Thursday, 11 October 2012

CG Artists Toolkit: Maya Tutorial-1

Well here are the results of my first play with Autodesk Maya. As predicted I was slow during the lesson, trying to work out how things worked (and wondering why certain actions didn't do as they were supposed to) I essentially completed the eggcup during the session. On the sheet below I have taken some print screens(screengrabs) of the progression. I was not as frequent with this creation process as I was with the character designing one; you live and learn.

Here we have my first attempts at creating cartoon characters in Maya. It was initially an incredibly daunting task. (And it took several attempts to get beyond half way having had saving issues and also folders move themselves) The result of the exercise was that after several 'road blocks' and the subsequent interventions of peers (whose help was hugely appreciated) I found myself beginning to get to grips with it a little.


  1. Well done and don't worry it's early days. However, lesson 2 and you already have a character. Not bad going. Keep it up.

  2. I like it how you arranged the whole page! And all these characters and the eggcup look really nice.
    Keep it up : )))