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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Online Green-light Review

Greenlight Review


  1. OGR 12/10/2012

    Afternoon Emily,

    Firstly - highly readable and engaging OGR document; this is far more than a copy-paste job, as it's clear that you've done enough research into your source novel and its context to be able to articulate key characteristics succinctly. The presentation of the OGR is consistent and your 'branding' of your creative development is also satisfying. After a short period of 3 weeks, you're already looking very much the part of a determined CGAA undergraduate. Good stuff!

    Okay - well, I very much like your second set of thumbnails utilising forced perspective to dramatic effect. I don't think you need the shadow of the human in there, because the pov is obviously 'human' - a human being dwarfed by the alien architecture. I would suggest however, that you can probably 'supersize' this composition still further - but it's beginning to cook, no doubt about that.

    Your 3rd space needs to better express the colossal and the monolithic; the scale you're depicting here feels a bit on the cosy, whimsical side and again, I feel it necessary to give you a bit of shove in terms of your creative methodology; Lovecraft wants us to experience these spaces as spectacularly alien and somehow monstrous too, and I think you need to think more like an ancient alien creature yourself; in terms of identifying potential inspiration for those carvings etc. and interior spaces look to the natural world for direct influence; for example:






    I still get the sense that somehow, you're a bit inhibited, maybe too conscientious in regard to the source material - this is a good thing, but you also need to know when to embellish and elaborate and extrapolate if to do so will better communicate the experience of horror + awe that permeates the whole of this narrative.

  2. ... which brings me onto your decision for thumbnail 1. Hmmmm - I wonder truly if this scene is begging for a concept artist - a tent + some mountains? Okay, so I'm a bit cheeky, but I also know that you've been struggling to find a conception of your city's establishing shot with which you're happy. The decision 'not' to depict it just feels like a bit of a cop-out - especially, as I haven't seen any real evidence yet of you trying alternate methods of cracking this creative challenge. I'm going to encourage you to ditch the tent + mountain (because this could end up being a lovely digital painting, but not a designed world - and there's a difference), and return to the thing that's bugging you and get it sorted. Some of your earliest digital paintings - with the snow effect - and that version with the disc-like architecture - were in themselves very effective and evocative, so don't throw the Lovecraftian baby out with the bathwater - go back to that first glimpse of the city - through the snow and the clouds - and make it work!