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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Project 1: Cinematic Spaces (Creative Partnership Archive)

The below are the series of correspondance between myself and my creative partners; Matt Coward and Alex Edmonds on our cinematic spaces projects and or progress

Initial online greeting. My first post to Alex was looking at his silhouette drawings before changing the subject and looking to our current space and environment projects.

Emily Clarkson27 September 2012 10:39
Hi Alex :)
I really like these silhouettes you've done. Number 1 looks like some prehistoric crossbreed! 4 makes a pretty interesting structure; it could be some kind of plant or even a wind turbine! and 14 looks like an awesome semi-organic tower. Nice job! 

Out of interest, what book(s) have you been assigned for the 'cinematic spaces' project?

Emily Clarkson ( your fellow CG peep and Creative Partner :)
Alex Edmonds27 September 2012 14:09
Hey Emily
Thank you, I was going to choose 4 as my life-form as a huge carnivorous plant type thing but as you can see I did not get round to do the final design :( and 14 was going to be my structure as well :) My book is The Time Machine by H.G Wells, what's yours?
Emily Clarkson4 October 2012 12:03
At the Mounains of Madness by H.P. Lovecraft. Difficult read if you're not paying attention, but it could be interesting. Ruined civilization kind of thing in Antarctica. So lots of mountains and snow and stone. Time machine is great. I've watched the film adaption’s of it. Could be interesting to compare the two for ideas...?
Alex Edmonds5 October 2012 14:38
Oh nice, I think I have heard of that before. From what you're saying it reminds me of the 1982 film 'The Thing' at the beginning where they find the destroyed and ruined Norwegian base camp. Worth taking a look if you haven't seen it before :) Me too, I preferred the 1960 version to the 2002 one though as it was more true to the book where as the more recent one is completely different in pretty much everything.

Emily Clarkson8 October 2012 13:46 Hey thanks for the heads up on 'the Thing!' I see what you are getting at. Great shots of snow and mountains from high up. Thanks for that!


Looking at Matt Cowards influence maps there are an interesting compilation of textures that were very fitting for the particular story he is looking at. I did a quick search myself offering a few pictoral references I would look at had I been allocated the same book.

Emily Clarkson4 October 2012 11:20
I like your research into textures. grungy looking items will be right at home with Poe's writings I would think. Have you looked at spaces like prison cells or tombs yet... or even caves? They're quite dingy and they seem to engulf light. I don't know if that might help your research. Here are a couple of links that might help.

Matt Coward4 October 2012 12:09
Wicked :) cheers, yeah I have researched caves, prisons etc they are currently in another influence map that i haven't uploaded yet, How's your work going?

Matt Coward4 October 2012 12:11
I like the first link, that's what I've been trying to find lol I understand what you mean by the second one so that should be useful

Alex Edmonds6 October 2012 13:03
Hey man these are looking good, I agree with Emily about the fact you focused just on textures, it will help a lot when it comes to your thumbnails and final concepts :) Also the custom layout is quality!

Emily Clarkson8 October 2012 12:57
Well I am finding at the moment I am struggling to picture what is going on in a few of Lovecrafts descriptions. I think i am probably limiting myself too much. I am just going to have to keep referencing back to my influence maps. Hows your project coming along Alex?


Looking at Alex’s influence maps and enquiring as to the subject content of each of his allocated excerpts

Hey Alex. So what key space does each excerpt of your book describe? I am intrigued by your 2nd influence map and all the cave like qualities that are depicted. 
(P.S Let me know if you need help with anything!)

Alex Edmonds8 October 2012 14:58
First one is outside when the traveller first arrives 800,000 years in the future and there are bushes, decaying statues, tall buildings like temples and stuff like that. Second is the cave of the Morlocks with machines inside which is entered into by a well and the third is a gallery of all sorts of things, similar to a museum I think.

What about yours?

Emily Clarkson10 October 2012 14:20
Well my first influence map is based on the view of mountains and snow from an aircraft as the explorers fly in, there are a few ruins and monuments of the old civilization and finally they get to the base camp of the scout group that went ahead of them. Influence2 was of the most complete part of the old city as 2 of the explorers fly over to see whats there. The third influence is based on the interior of the complete part of the city and all its carvings and the like.
I'm going to change influence 2 to somethign different though. There's a description of a rampart, like some sort of fortification which is where the two guys climb into the city to go and check out the interior


Enquiring to Matt about any progress with thumbnails

Emily Clarkson8 October 2012 14:08Hi Matt, I'm just wondering how you're getting on with thumbnail designs and the like? Have you thought how the pendulum might look yet? My first thoughts were of some rather grim upturned axe!


Looking at a few of Alex’s recent thumbnail uploads

Emily Clarkson20 October 2012 09:31
That first thumbnail page (number 28) is fantastic Alex! the perspective on that is brilliant!... As for 'dead space' I don't think you necessarily need to fill it. Remember the Photoshop examples Phil had onscreen... if you take 28 through 'to the next round' see how applying various textures in the foreground goes, or you may find your design becomes too busy abnd detracts from the main machine... Oh and i like your sheet of 'angles' (numbers 31-37) well set out :D Great work Alex

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