Thursday, 4 October 2012

Project 1: Cinematic Spaces (Photoshop Tutorial 1)

Here are some of the sketches completed in our first Digital Painting tutorial (on 28/9/2012). We were encouraged to create using a variety of brushes and textures. I didn't get to test out layer ing the textures so much but it is something I definitly want to explore later on in designing these environments, especially as the excerpts I have been given are based in mountain ranges filled with stone, ice and snow.

My first design was simply created through gestural shapes with a blocking tool and then pushing further to see what I could morph the overall shape into. In this case the shapes appeared (to me) as space age towers. I tried to emphasise the depth of the area by pushing two towers further back with a pale brush. I could have done with putting in a sky with this one and further adding some luminous windows of bright colours. I am quite pleased with this first try however.

My second design was based on a scene depicted within one of the H.P. Lovecraft excerpts.
'The jagged line of witchlike cones and pinnacles' 
                                                    'slow in gaining prominence'
                                                                           'visible only because of their abnormal height'
I found this design much more pleasing as I experimented with a multitude of brushes. Blocking tools, ink spatters and luminosity. I feel this image has the most impact, especially when you finally notice the small black speck with wings representing the dwarfed aircraft within the blizzard.

This design here was one completed under a time limit of five minutes. It was a little too sketchy although I think I made a half decent attempt at a base with the  shadow and colour and also the lighting. This image was only partially based on the Lovecraft excerpts. I was imagining one of the alien creatures he vaguely describes being carved on the walls of the ancient ruins of the supposedly bygone species, but also the ruin corridors.

The final complete design from the session in which I tried to depict a part of the first excerpt- The camp. In this sketch I played with the use of colour luminosity to add a sort of glow to the surrounding landscape, as shown in a tutorial. Due to my choice of design and the colour scheme, it didn't work so well. Although it is a technique that I would like to try on future digital painting projects.


  1. Hey Emily. some REALLY evocative images here; that top image is great, and I strongly encourage you to 'shrink' that image and then use it as part of a bigger, more expansive image - extend out from it. I love the snow/blizzard quality too - really exciting to see these! :)

  2. That was the first thing that struck me too. I know 16:9 is widescreen technically, but definitely don't be afraid to go even wider! CinemaScope it up!

  3. I am liking the idea of doing a full on widescreen of that particular image (the space age towers) I might apply the idea to further thumbnails I'll do in photoshop (as soooon as I get myself a new tablet) Then I probably won't leave my computer- Digital sketching is far too much fun.
    Hmmm... Extreme widescreen does have the potential to really emphasize the sheer scale described by Lovecraft.... Thanks for the tips guys! definitely taken that on board!

  4. Wow, Emily! I love these! Second and the last one - I almost feel like I'm in the middle if the sandstorm!
    I'm waiting to see more from you! : ))

  5. wow Emily, these are amazing I love the bright white and the lighting seems to work well with them I especially get attracted to the first and last image