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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Project 1: Cinematic spaces (Photoshop Tutorial 2)

Some further work from photoshop. Last week we attempted to start to apply perspective into our digital paintings. Initially we used layers, foreground, mid-ground and background. This was quite easy to do but making the image look good was another matter. My drawing I feel was heavily influenced my the film 'The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari'. I happened to be thinking about it at the time and the skewed proportions of the buildings. So I set on making a house that could be within that setting. We were also shown in this tutorial how to take a grayscale scene and add colour to it via 'colourise'. Unfortunately I had picked a dark design and adding colour didn't seem to really add to it much.

By use of a grid we would pick a vanishing point and draw a fan of lines from that centre point. When it came to painting with this guide however I think I found it more of an annoyance than a help. it distracted me from trying to be creative and everything went stiff. It probably takes more practice and a loose attitude to make use of this perspective grid style. I might try starting off an initial composition first before applying a vanishing point and grid, then I'll be taking the elements I have and just correcting them. (This design was purely to try and get the hang of perspective.)


  1. Emily, I think that first thumbnail is really amazing! The way you did these small twisted houses is really great! And I can feel the screepy atmosphere around the place : )

    1. I agree with Samantha, It really gives that shadowy and horror feeling with its sharp and distorted look, it reminds me of the stop motion animaton Caroline

    2. Thanks guys! I love 'Coraline' it was so well done and mind blowing to think that every piece of that film was actually physically real!