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I give you the first of 'The Bob Animations.' I hope you enjoy this little animation. The next one is already in production!!!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Project 1: Cinematic Spaces (Thumbnails-5)

fifth page of thumbnails detailing some scattered views of the decimated campsite of the explorers, the interior of the ancient alien city and also the star shaped rampart...

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  1. Some more lovely work here Emily, well done. I love how professionalally your work is presented. I also pleased to see how free your being with these thumbnails. Your not restricted to a set idea in your head at this stage. Take some of these into photoshop and test your colour pallet out. Try a few and see how the light will interact with your scene. I'm liking 38 and 39 from these, some really nice imagery and perspectives :)