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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Project 1:Cinematic Spaces (Photoshop Tutorial-4)

During my fourth tutorial I began working to develop an idea for my second Excerpt concept designs, however, half way through the class Phil asked tolook at the work so far and stopped that particular development in its tracks. Having eye-balled the concept here, ('thumb6') Phil believed it was a good base painting on which to build and so with a short and frankly incredible tutorial I saw how to improve the Digitial painting. The progress of which is displayed below.

1) the original 'base painting'

  2) Addition of bark texture overlay and blue gradient
3) Addition of an orange horizon line

4) The overlaying of the orange glow of the sun

3) is the point I managed to reach during the tutorial; having cleaned up some of my linework added a faint colour to the stonework and so on. 4) (and beyond) is the work I completed in my own time, inspired by Phils tutorial. It leads onto the final piece located here.

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