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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Project 2: The Secret Lair (Introduction)

Well, we had the briefing on monday; the part 2 of the 'Cinematic Spaces' projects. The next seven weeks are to be spent creating a fully rendered 'Secret Lair' within Maya. This lair needs to be the perfect abode for a character, described by a pair of components chosen from 'the magic blue box.' After a certain degree of excitement and trepidation I got my mitts on 'the magic blue box' and found myself with the following title...

'The Secret Lair of the... Arachnoid Knight'

Not the easiest of titles to roll off the tongue but it will certainly prove interesting. First things first will be for me to work out what this character looks like. How he moves... a general profile if you will. With that completed I can work out how the abode can be tailored to him/her. This calls for a stack of research, thumbnails and influences maps. Lets get cracking!

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