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Thursday, 18 October 2012

project1: Cinematic Spaces (Thumbnail-7)

Having completed one set of thumbnails (Thumbnail-6 'thumb1-6') I went about trying to alter that existing idea and mould it into a different design. I then experimented with the atmosphere lighting which you can see below.
Here I used a blue tinted airbrush dodge tool

Here I used a mix of the airbrush dodge tool and just the airbrush tool in a shade of orange

And finally this one is a direct copy of the orange layout, however I messed with the hue and saturation levels to create this blue version.


  1. The last one is my favourite! It gives that feeling of 'dangerous freezing cold'!
    Great job!

  2. really nice work here :) try complementary colours to add contract. Warm colours coming subtly from the environment and the contrasting cold colours coming from the atmosphere? Could look interesting

  3. hey Sammy, great minds think alike- PhotoshopPhil has shown me how to do just that and refine the concept from my last post, ('thumb 6') It may well turn out to be a final concept of the ruined city ... progress! i'll post up the modified painting as soon as its done :D