Thursday, 18 October 2012

Project1: Cinematic Spaces (Thumbnails-6)

In an eager attempt to further my design idea's, readily equipped with helpful hints and tips from my Greenlight review I have gone on to redesign the cityscape described by H.P. Lovecxraft in my first excerpt. here is some of the original  excerpt to help give an idea of what the intrepid explorers see from their aircraft...

'The effect was that of a Cyclopean city of no architecture known to man or to human imagination, with vastaggregations of night black masonryembodying monstrous perversions of geometrical laws.' (page 15-At the Mountians of Madness)

So here we have some progression. I copied a design I sketched out in ballpoint pen (soon to be uploaded with a sheet of sketches) and created 'thumb1' I quickly found it just wasn't going as I'd hoped and was encouraged to alter the perspective by flipping and rotating my image and so on. I then developed this into 'thumb2'...


'Thumb1' had its awful dark grey background removed, the image shrunk till it was almost half the size in another 16:9 canvas and took off from there to create 'thumb2'. Expanding on what I had really improved the situation, before long I felt the composition was improving. It felt like a larger space. I tried to detail what was in the foreground using a pencil tool for the fine lines. The resulting detail was not too dissimilar from my original sketches, but something was missing... SNOW!


Enter 'thumb3' upon which I used a blocking tool on a low opactity to build the snow into the crevices of the sprialling geometric shapes that make the alien ruined city. It definitly helped indicate the weather! But just to say I had tried every aspect I went on to create 'thumb4'


Here in 'thumb 4' there was the addition of blizzard conditions. simply using a spatter brush and adding the filter 'motion blur' all of a sudden I could feel an cold icy breeze blowing through. But half the snow was lost in the white background... enter 'thumb5'


Finding things were a little bit whited out I messed with the levels of my background, it helped the snow stand off from the buldings and the background a little more, but therewas one more thing to add... atmosphere, leading me to 'thumb6'


Here we have the final part of this particular development. Any feedback and tips on what to do with it will be HUGELY appreciated as I find myself wondering should I be experimenting with a tinted colour atmosphere???


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  1. As I told you before - I like seeing your progress! This is a great post which all steps shown in a nicely way : )
    This thumbnaily really makes me feel cold : D