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Monday, 8 October 2012

Space Oddities Film Reviews

3rd review of the year. With thanks to Tom Beg for a point in the 'more scholarly direction' I gave a shot at a little cross referencing, although it was with the culture of the time... I'm not sure if thats what was in mind, but in future I will try and compare and contrast with other films. Thanks for the tips Tom!
Review- Metropolis (1927)


  1. Great! Films should always be viewed in the cultural context within which they are created. Like all great art, films aren't made in some weird cultural vacuum.

    Every film exists - especially so in the early, tumultuous days of cinema - in a time period where events greatly effected the way people interpreted the world (or fantastical versions of it) through cinema.

    So yes, well done for starting to put some of these conceptual pieces together. Looking forward to 'Kong'! It's very culturally 'rich' - both for good and bad reasons, as you'll see or maybe even already know about!


  2. Great x 2! This is an ambitious review, seeking as it does to knit the invented world together with the sights and times of its real world context; here, you've pretty much cracked the code to academic writing - the idea that whatever aspect of visual culture you're looking at, it can and does somehow transmit, broadcast or critique the prevailing ideologies of the culture that produced it. When analysis of one sheds light on the other - that's when things really begin to cook. I hope you're discovering that a little bit of backstory and reading around the subject can properly enrich your experience and after-image of a movie (even a bad one!). Well done, Emily - very encouraging :)