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Sunday, 18 November 2012

CG Artists Toolkit: Animation (Bouncing balls)

Our third week of animation and we were encouraged to start drawing dynamically. Our first challenge was to draw a ball of screwed up paper, intently following the lines created by the creases... but we had to do this without looking at the page we were drawing on. My screwed up paper resembled a flame and my drawing didn't seem too far off.

Our second exercise involved us posing for each other and our drawing subjects in the style of gesture drawing. Gesture drawing is a process by which the general shape of the subject is sketched out at speed without use of outlines. It is an almost messy way of conveying enough information to understand the pose and angle of the subject. It took some getting used to, understanding this form of drawing, but after a few attempts I feel as if I might have got it.

Later during this session we were able to animate our bouncing balls drawn up between our last session and this one. It can feel like a lengthy process but its most definitely worth it when it is complete. My ball appeared to bounce quite well, but on closer examination there were a few unnecessary frames. At the top of the second arc, it appears my ball gains some hang-time in the air (after its first bounce...)

After a little tweaking with Meg's help, the final result was quite pleasing. However in future, when in the midst of drawing the squashing and stretching frames I must remember to stretch the ball to follow the the action line (the arcing movement the ball is making as it bounces). In my drawings I stretch the ball downward only, as though gravity is pulling it down. Its only subtle, but if done properly, I'm sure it will add to the final animation...

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