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I give you the first of 'The Bob Animations.' I hope you enjoy this little animation. The next one is already in production!!!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

CG Artists Toolkit: Animation (Zoetrope)

Today the group were briefed on a project that will take us to the end of term. The plan is to create a second long animation that will fit onto a strip of paper, that will in turn go into a Zoetrope.

The Zoetrope is a very old optical illusion toy that was invented somewhere in the 1860's. It was an early example of animation that operated on the phenomenon called 'persistence of vision'. The cylinder would be spun and the viewer would look through the slots (as indicated on the image below), to view the sequence of images on the strip of paper. Due to this dividing by the slots, the effect of persistence of vision results in the viewer seeing what appears to be a moving image.

(image sourced: http://zoetropic.wordpress.com/about-zoetropes/)

This toy kept Victorian children amused until the game was changed with the invention of the Cinematographe by the Lumiere brothers at the end of the 1800's, giving birth to the very beginning of film.

So in our session we were challenged to start creating a 24 frame animation that could be loops in order to be viewed through a zoetrope. Wanting to be sure my animation would work I decided I would create the movement through drawing on a light-box and animating with Dragon. Christmas is around the corner so I decided to get a little festive. Below is the sequence I managed during the session. it will be lengthened and a few extra frames are needed to complete some of the actions...
I give you 'The dancing Christmas Turkey'


  1. haha, this is really coool, I love it

  2. I wonder is their bobble hats should 'react' in shock and amazement too, somehow?

  3. I wondered about having thee santa hats stand up on end at the pinnacle of surprise and the Turkey standing... I may just do that. :D I need to reshoot the whole thing anyway as i didn't zoom in far enough on screen. the video is rather small.