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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

CG Artists Toolkit:Animation (Morphs)

We have had a couple of animation sessions now and I realized I had yet to post up the work resulting from those sessions.

On our first session we were encouraged to create new and interesting creatures through the game 'consequences' Two halves of a creature are drawn by two different people. We then moved onto morphing We managed to morph a simple geometric shape into our creature designs through a series of frames on the animation program 'Dragon'. We were then challenged to morph our existent creature designs into something different.

In the case of my team we managed to morph a slender rectabgle shape, into a tentacled creature, into a dinosaur with a temper. The result was fairly pleasing.

In the following session we were introoduced to pegs and specially punched paper and the practical use of key frames, action lines and pose to pose animation. In one exercise we were made to morph a circle into a diamond shape using 'pose-to-pose'. The result of mine can be seen below.

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