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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Project 2 :The Secret Lair-( Character Bio)

A long, long time ago, a colony of beings lived in the legendary castle of Camelot. They lived beneath King Arthur's feet.... under his throne... in the Candelabra above his bed... in the cracks of the castle walls... and even in the heart of his round table. A colony of the most fantastical creatures...

Character Profile

Name: Sir Callida, (Arilitus Callida)


A rather large colony of spiders are living in the disused spaces of the legendary Camelot. Among them is an ArachKnight by the name of Sir Callida. The various insects of the colony have been under the rule of the False Widow Queen. The spindly, conniving creature is possession of 'The Emerald Potestas', a magical Emerald stone, that once fell from the Crown of King Arthur. The precious stone grants the False Widow the power to control her closest subjects. By the dark use of this gem, the False Widow has managed to oppress all Camelot's insect kind beneath her rule. She has halted the further breeding and colonizing of her subjects, for fear of them supplanting her high position. Little does she suspect that one of the Arachknights is planing to overthrow her tyranny, even without an army of warriors that she so greatly fears. Its going to take some clever planning but with a few ArachKnight friends, a few glow worms lighting the way and an old Relic... they might just win.


Sir Callida is a well seasoned warrior . He knows how to fight, however he would rather win a fight based on tactics, favouring brains before braun. A resourceful Arachnid, well equipped for his job and fearless. Quite ready to dive from a candelabra into full view of the human King to help his own kind... even if it means dodging the sole of  few boots.

Hero Prop:

The old Relic, earlier mentioned will be the Hero prop. In direct competition to the False widows magical Emerald stone, Sir Callida is in possession of a carved ring (one that was once on the finger of one of King Arthur's ancestors before it was lost.) This relic will provide the perfect adornment for Sir Callida's abdomen. It acts as both armour as well as a showy example of power.


  1. You can't even imagine how much I was giggling when reading this character story!
    It's so simple, yet interesting; I had it all pictured in my head!
    I can't wait to see your character and his lair : )))
    Good luck!

  2. oh, and by the way - I love the fact you even made the sign for your Knight! I can totally see it on his shield! : D

  3. I love the fact you made your characters own voat of arms :) and how it fits metaphorically against the human world, it's interresting how you introduce it as if it was a human group of warriors but then it quickly transpires as a band of middle English spider clans with their own world hidden in the cracks of another world lol it's a very imaginative idea, I love it.

  4. ARACHNIDS UNITE!!! I love this idea its going to be so cute but cool at the same time seeing their little lair filled with bone carved weapons! can't wait to see me Emily