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Friday, 16 November 2012

Project 2: The Secret Lair- (Greenlight review)

Secret Lair Green-Light Review


  1. Love the logo you made for him. Amazing!

  2. OGR 16/11/2012

    Dear Emily,

    Reading your story synopsis - I just smiled and smiled. LOVED the 'False Widow Queen' and the whole exciting (and commercial!) idea of these spider knights having their own adventures alongside the stories we all know about Arthur and his round table. If this was a character design project, we'd be talking about your spider - which is a too realistic spider and much too much the stuff of most people's nightmares to ever take the heroic lead (you'd need to think much more about stylisation if this was the case). However - it's not a character design project, so that's a conversation for another day. I really like the ring = armor hero prop - very nice internal logic going on there; and, technically, the depiction of your lair is satisfying. However, I think there's something missing from your 'secret lair' - 'point-of-view'. Right now, you're depicting this space from your own human perspective, because you've been keen to figure out the practicalities of this object - its design, how to draw it effectively etc - however, the upshot of this is simply that we have a candelabra with a spider living in it, as opposed to the 'Secret Lair of the Arachnid Knight' - in other words, now YOU understand fully that his secret lair is in a real world object - you've now got to depict this space from the POV of your character - in other words, you've got to put us inside of it, and scale everything back up so that it feels like a 'room' in which your character resides. This probably means you need to take some creative liberties now, investigate the use of dynamic perspective to lend grandeur to this otherwise domestic-sized object; you've got to find ways to put the 'Camelot into the Candelabra' - i.e. how can you create a visual equivalency between the conventions of depicting places of power and rank in a castle and this spider knight's special place? This is your principle task now, Emily - you have to shrink yourself to the size of a spider and 'look up' and 'look around' from within your candelabra and create a very filmic 'interior' space...

    More generally - your professionalism and attention to the details of your own presentation impresses. I know you've been feeling the stress of late - a certain paralysis in the face of so many multiple tasks. All I can say to reassure you is that experiencing this moment is important, because it encourages you to think clearly about your limits, about your weaknesses and the ways in which you manage and use stress. In this sense, you're learning about yourself. I certainly don't want to see you so strung out that you're no longer enjoying what are essentially very creative experiences, so I would simply ask you to look at the way your prioritising your workflow, look at your working habits, and just see what needs to change or be more finely tuned. You're doing just fine, Emily - but it's a marathon, not a sprint - so reflect on your stress, and what triggers it, and in this way become more skillful at managing it.

    So - short version - time to get thumbnailing again in readiness for creating your digital set - and don't think you have to build an entire candelabra - you're looking for a throne room sort of effect from your spiders POV of that wrought iron structure, so please don't be afraid now to add some twiddly bits if twiddly bits are needed to make the space and object work as an 'interior' space...

    1. I know the character design wasn't developed but that was because I made sure I focused myself on the project at hand. After thinking on it too much, I am not exactly sure how I would modify Sir Callida to be slightly less Nightmarish and more heroic- but anyway as you say thats a whole other project.

      As for the Candelabra, I completely agree. I'll start trying to visualize inside the space creating a fancy piece of ironwork the ArachKnight can take ownership of. I'll create a bunch more thumbnails and try to find a balance wherein you can tell the space is a suspended Candelabra but also the hideout of an eight legged Warrior.

      Thanks for the feedback Phil! :D