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Friday, 2 November 2012

Project 2: The Secret Lair (Influence Maps-2)

I started looking ionto small spaces used in various bug related (or small mammal related) films. Most of these I remember from my childhood. (Greatly amusing films in some cases)

Here are the titles of the films I looked into...
'A Bugs Life'- great use of macro, where all plants are of enormous proportions.
'Antz'- Similar use of macro, enlargement of a tiny world.
'Bee Movie'- a really curvaceous and unexpected design of beehive interior is used, somewhat reminds me of Dr. Seuss
'Thumbelina'- for shrunken people and a miniaturized world.
'The Rescurers'- great example of anthropomorphised creatures and a sense of scale in a large world.
'Mousehunt'- A live action film only slightly anthropomorphising a mouse, giving it a teeny living space in a big human world.
'Ratatouille'- An animated view of the world from a rats perspective.
'The Ant Bully'- an animated film with a human shrunk to bug proportions.

Finally there is the oddball, the addition of a gaming world...
'World of Warcraft'- for its feature of overlarge warrior bugs and the various battlefield spaces.

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