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Friday, 9 November 2012

Project 2: The Secret Lair- (Photoshop Tutorial-2)

During this photoshop session we were shown several new techniques. all of which were completely new to me! The first will come in handy for our scene in Maya later in this project.

Tiling is a process that must be done. A slightly tedious one but  when its done you know that installing it into Maya will be an easier process! Having watched and beentutored in the technique, my esult is the image of the wall below. The inituial panel is outlinedin the top left corner of the image. The wall- when its tiled, is fairly seamless, but it will take some practise.

The second tutorial of the day was learing how to select fiddly parts to images via channels. Using a picture fom one of Phils folders of sparklers I managed to select it and make accurate copies. I have come to realize this will be a very handy tool.

The third tutorial of the day ducated us in how to use masks. I have always wondered how on earth uyou use them- I finally have the answer. It is excellent for adding textures to objects like a poster. Completely enthused with my Arachnid knight prohject I decided to borrow the emblem and have a play with degrading the image.

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  1. I really like the 3rd image, how you experimented with different layers/masks as well as the use of colours which is relevant to the mood of your project