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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Project 2: The Secret lair (Thumbnails-1)

After looking at my two components, Arachnid and Knight, I initially began to sketch out how the character may look (Before I completed my character biography). However at the end of these drawings I had decided to keep my arachnid knight as close to spider looking as possible in my minds eye. Just one with a few accessories; weapons, armour and such...

I also began to quickly illustrate certain spaces that my ArachKnight character might reside. places with a mild medieval theme... Torch Brackets, Bookshelves, the Round table, Candelabra and the like.


  1. Hi Emily,

    For the character idea, I like images #5, #8 & #9, with #5 clearly depicting the many eyes of a spider combined with the human appearance of the head, but it raises questions on whether you are portraying the character as a complete spider or a human-spider hybrid. Both #8 & #9 work well due to the emphysis on an entirely spider appearance, but combining the skin with armour, like in real-life, might improve the designs. The bottom image may be the most beneficial as it is the anatomical structure of most spiders, almost resembling a suit of armour.




    The environmental designs are very imtriguing, the technique of over sizing ordinary objects is a great idea, implicating a size to the character, best displayed in images #1, #3 & #8, but I think the helmey interior idea has great potential, possibly changing the angles inside, or the placement of the helmet itself, maybe laying on its side half buried. I love the idea of the round table being hollow & containing spiders.




    1. Wow you're an absolute mine of information Jebb! Thanks for all the links :D. In answer to your ponderings I have eventually decided on a spider character that looks simply like a spider; no hybrids- because it takes away from the realism and believability of a teeny tiny world of spiders. I have a couple of images of spider anatomy I'm going to try and use to help me create slightly odd furniture for placement within the secret lair. As for the space itself, but also to tryu and design armour plates. The most popular lair design so far appears to be the candelabra aerial shots... I think i'm going to do some digging into ironwork and medieval metal crafting for some more thumbnail ideas. Thanks again for all the links. They've been really helpful! :D (I especially like the basket building and the oversized bucket and spade!)