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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Project 2: The Secret lair (Thumbnails-2)

These are a couple of ideas that spawned from the sketched thumbnails posted a short time ago. I'm struggling to figure out the possessions of an ArachKnight, aside from the obvious weapons and armour; which is why the spaces are rather bare in terms of items. I am trying to think in terms of furniture for a spider. (Its rather difficult catering for 8 legs) I believe some silhouettes might make things easier... oh well, that'll be in posts to come...

In the meantime...

10. A view from above: Candelabra in a great hall provide a vantage point or our ArachKnight

11. Behind the Books: Glow worms dimly light a narrow corridor like space

12. The Torch: An empty torch bracket provides the perfect frame work for the ArachKnight to build a multi-storey home


  1. I like number 10 the most! I can see him doing all "spider-man" tricks when getting out of his lair; everything in the midair, spinning and doing difficult acrobatic tricks. Magic. I love it : D

  2. Yes - the idea of an aerial lair is lovely - I'm sort of reminded of an orrery:


    Actually, it's much more probable that the candle sconce/candelabra would be wrought iron - and so a bit more gothic actually, as opposed to brassy and golden - it would give you a very different look:



    I suggest you widen your image search out to all kinds of wrought iron candlesticks, ironwork and sconces etc. - so essentially, you build a candelabra that best suits you (as opposed to being factually accurate but not giving you enough structure to play with...) - in other words... lie! :)

  3. I like how you've made your character this small, number 12 stands out to me, the idea of having his lair inside a medieval torch holder, it'll be pretty cool to see it from the inside though, just like you did with the chandeliers, I think the effect of number 10 is greater but I really like the idea of thumbnail 12

  4. An aeriel perspective from the lair is an excellent idea, #10 in the candelabra, and the placement of other creatures from the characters world, #11 the glow worms, as an environmental aspect is a great design, it would be brilliant to see them move, swinging from the ceilings changing the light effects.