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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Project 2: The Secret lair (Thumbnails- Hero Prop)

With my influence map as my guide, I have gone on to try and create a few thick banded ring designs for my hero prop. It is being modelled by a basic form of my ArachKnightto make the whole idea easier to imagine and build on. There are a few slightly cobwebbed additions (2,3,4,5,6,7) where I tried to blend a little of the spider and the prop itself together so it becomes a more ceremonial Relic/armour piece as written in the Character Biography.

The cobwebbed extensions in some cases are just that, a means by which the ring can stay attached to the ArachKnight, others have acted almost as an adornment by which the spider has attached things like the lost teeth of various other small creatures, fragments of old stones and even other semi-precious stones...


  1. oooooo number 15 looks awesome I love the spikes it seems to be the one that looks like armour as well as a ring

  2. lovely drawings emily and I like how incorporated different perspectives too :D
    my favourites are 12 and 15, from the use of the embossed design and the spiked structure which are very interesting elements and and shows depth in your designs. I could see them both becoming a strong design for your hero prop :)

  3. 15 or 14 is amazing. This is such a clever idea, and also adorable and exciting!! 14 feels a lot more medi-evil knight-ish, 15 feels a lot more fighter-violent, if that makes sense!