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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Project 2: The Secret Lair -(Thumbnails: Hero Prop2)

Moving swiftly on from my sketched out Hero Prop thumbnails, I picked several that I liked the look of (15, 16, 17) and modified them slightly to create the below images. Spider A has had the rear end adorned with animal teeth, spider B has had its rear adorned with very fine Fish bones (Although its starting to look more porcupine) and Spider C has had the ring anchored to a backplate made of an old coin.

DISCLAIMER: I did NOT paint that spider. The Arachnid is a photograph of a pet, one of a series of stills donated to my research by Jebb Bobbett- Thanks again Jebb!

I am drawn more towards B for its ring design and cobweb drapery. I prefer those fishbones (in B) to the teeth in A, however I wonder if the addition of the coin from design C might just finish off my Hero Prop. Any thoughts?


  1. Those spiders are creepily awesome, nicely done Emily! :D
    I'm with you with B, it looks more fitting for your setting and just generally looks pretty cool :)

  2. woooow these are AWESOME! B!!

  3. These designs are brilliant, I especially enjoy the use of spider silk to hold the ring in place on the abdomen of the arachnid.

    Love the use of the images provided, you're welcome, just glad I could help :)