Friday, 21 December 2012

CGAA Speed Paint (21/12/2012)

When Good Toys Turn Bad

OK, I spent longer on this than I should have 30 minutess. I kept trying to add details to try and emphasize the 'badness' of these toys and give them shadows and so on, but never mind. This paint was really good fun. Evil toys... something 'Nightmare Before Christmas' about it... :) I could do a few more of these I think, if i stop and think through some compositional ideas and make it creepy... but then where's the speed in that? Anyway. Hope you like my interpretation.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

CGAA Speed Paint Challenge (20/12/2012)

I finally spotted these speed [paint challenges today. Its a pity I missed the first few. And to get in the festive spirit I thought I'd get involved. So here is my attempt at a Gingerbread Palace. It took me twenty minutes. (five more than I hoped, but there's always the next paint to improve)

Speed Paints (16/12/2012-19/12/2012)

So to try and keep me loose in digital painting over the holidays I challenged myself to try and do one speed painting session every day, (or at least most days.) I thought it might be better to upload them in small blocks, so here are are several sessions from the last few days. The triptych canvas pages were each around fifteen minutes (five per mini canvas) and the developments taken on from those were a further ten minutes each. I will admit on a few occasions i may have gone five minutes over my target. but never mind, in time I'll get quicker.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Project 2: The Secret Lair - (Criteria)

Here are all the links to all the criteria that will be needed for the final Crit of the Project 'The Secret Lair'

Project2: The Secret Lair- (Creative Partnership Archive)

Creative Partnership Archive

I think there were more comments than this but unfortunately I didn't keep track of them at the time I made comments or received them. In future I will make a habit of copying these comments as soon as I find them or type them up.

Project: The Secret Lair- (Illustrated Character Bible)

Character Bible

Project 2: The Secret Lair- (Final Crit Presentation)

Secret Lair Crit

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Project 2: The Secret Lair- (Final Rendered Set)

The we have it, the Secret Lair of the Arachnid Knight. Spider-beings residing within the hidden spaces of the Castle of Camelot are ruled by the False Widow Queen. This miniature environment belongs to the Knight Sir Arillitus Callida, of the ArachKnights. It is both Sir Callida's minimalist home, but also a place of work, containing his weapons should he need them, a very special relic ring that doubles as armour and his own round table when council (or plotting) is required. It can get quite cold and breezy in such a large hall, but the candles of the chandelier help to keep out the cold nights...

Project2: The Secret Lair- (Digital Set Pipeline)

Digital Set Pipeline

Project2: The Secret Lair- (Final Stages of Maya)

So, by this point I had begun to texture and shade some of my model, but I had yet to UV map the bita that needed it. So far the texturing I had done involved use of transparencies in order to create the webbing stretching around my scene. The newer stuff I had to UV would be the items that really needed some sort of texture to make them of a tangible material. So that meant 'UV-ing' the ironwork that made the chandelier and also the arrowhead, featured in the foreground.

Unfortunately I completely forgot to evidence everything in my image as simply textured and also it was because I had tried (early on) to replicate candlelight with this rather garish yellow glow, in order to see what my scene might look like. However in the image below you can see evidence of some fairly successful bump mapping. A little help on how to do it went a long way fortunately. As soon as this was done well, my scene started to feel like a scene and not just a model.

Sure that a candle could not cast as much glow as the above images, I axed several lights and much to my surprise it made my Matte painting appear to integrate some more with my model. I inserted a blue light from 'the window's' which catch rather nicely off the metal work of the chandelier and the arrowhead.

The candle still appeared rather bright in the previous image and the webbing looked very white, so I toned the pair down a little more and went on to play with a few minor details leading eventually to my final render.

Project 2: The Secret Lair- (Matte Painting)

Well it was clear i was bound to need a matter painting from quite a while ago, so I finally painted one up yesterday. Bearing in mind that I had always been unsure of the lighting for my scene when i finally settled on candle light it made it clear that outdoors would be in darkness. So I painted the windows of a castle to show the darkening blue sky outside and add some contrast to the warm colour of the candle light (when I eventually light it in Maya.) (Note that there has been extensive use of textures. No matter how hard I tried I could not freely paint uniform shapes unfortunately!)

Mis-en-Scene Film Programme

11Review Repulsion

Project 2: The Secret Lair- (Orthographics Hero Prop)

Unfortunately these didn't prove very useful in the grande scheme of things, but orthographics may help me much more in another project somewhere in the future.These are the Orthographics for my hero prop, the ring worn by my ArachKnight character as a piece of armour. It is a ring with a few small gems and adorned with two sheets of webbing. One sheet connects to a coin which acts as a backplate for the ArachKnight, while the other sheet dangles and providing a base from which spiny fishbones can protrude. A deterrent for any attacker.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Project 2: The Secret Lair (Disc Artwork)

Mise-en-scene Film Programme

9Review Edward Scissorhands

Life Drawing- Sessions 9-10

I suddenly realized I hadn't yet uploaded these life drawing sessions (and there is more to come, I believe I still haven't photographed session 11!)
In our 09th session the models were our classmates which made in interesting change. now we were not just focusing on the pose of the figure but the clothing of the individual. Then as a further test we were told to focus on faces. I baulked initially. faces are never easy. But I feel I made a good shot at it. Well... up until the ones where we were asked to memorize features within a time limit and draw from memory.

Now session ten we were back to having the lovely Jane as our model. We completed the usua quick poses and followed with a slightly longer one. I still need a lot of practice when it comes to drawing the head of a figure I always draw them far too small for the body.

Later in the session we were challenged to draw a series of medium length sequential poses, form crouching position to  a stretching one. I feel the page might have looked better if I'd managed to keep each sketch to a similar scale.

 A final more interesting exercise was being introduced to a more fine art approach. We were encouraged to use shreds of paper to create the general shape of the body, stick them to the page with Pritt stick and then work into the figure with charcoal. I was very doubtful of this procedure initially, but pleasantly surprised when I had finished. It opened up a whole new approach that actually turned out to be rather enjoyable, if a little messy. The result was also quite graphic.

Space Oddities Film Reviews (Mis-en-Scene Film Program)

8Review-La Belle et la BĂȘte

Friday, 7 December 2012

Project 2: The Secret Lair- (Orthographics)

I suddenly remembered that completing orthographics might not only be useful but it is also a requirement for this unit. I started with the easiest view of my scene, which was the aerial. It seemed to go well enough. I hit problems however when trying (in photoshop) to create the same thing in side/front views. The shapes were simple because I could not easily recreate the crisp edges within photoshop. It was just so difficult that it remains uncompleted. I think the aerial orthographic will prove useful however in placing the items in my scene but in the case of  the side views, they will have to be adjusted as I see fit within Maya.

Project 2: The Secret Lair (Photoshop Tutorial-4)

Today we were encouraged to create several concept paintings. Each painting had a colour scheme taken from the 3 photographs that are blended into the background and help produce a canvas upon which to work. I think they went fairly well because you can't really tell what the original photographs were by the time I had finished painting.

This final image was created from the second of the set above. I'm happy with the change. Number 2 was irritating me with the fact it looked like a lost pair of clogs on some burned up planet. So I changed it into a space ship hovering over a sun in a spiny asteroid field. Its a huge improvement, but it still needs some depth to distinguish foreground and background. Its all looking a bit flat.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Project 2: The Secret Lair- (Creating the Scene2)

Well I have been working hard, although the speed of which I have been working seems to have slowed down. I'm not compleing this as fast as I wanted to. Silly little things are taking (or took me) a lot longer than I think is necessary such as the design on the coins.

The addition of the arrowhead to my scene did not take me very long, however trying to create the qwebbing from my concept design did. I began trying to create the planes I hope to eventually cover with a transparency and integrate them with the scene. The best idea I had in which to create planes that hung well, was to make the planes fall like fabrics using nDynamics in Maya. Each of the corners of the plane attaching to anchor points that mirrored the layout of the scene itself. But, much to my frustrations, it refused to do as I wished it, so that will have to be another day.

I managed to finish creating the ArachKnight weapons today. (The four detailed in my concept art) They took a while being so small and fiddly. And also I decided to change one of the props as I felt it just did not fit in with the set. The pen nib weapon just seemed odd and daft so I replaced it with an exaggerated bone shape to double up as a hammer. Now I feel he has a complete set of weapons. A Lance, an Axe, a Hammer and a sort of ball and chain weapon.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Project 2: The Secret Lair- (Creating the Scene)

I've done it, I have finally kick started modelling the scene of the Arachnid Knight. Yesterday saw me block out a fair amount of it but there are a few bits and pieces to do. I think the most fiddly bits might be the weaponry and possibly the coins. I may do a test run to see how bad a few shield like buttons look (despite editting them out of my final scene) but in any case, here is the progress amde yesterday.

The easiest way to begin i felt was to create the base of the candelabra and then the scrolling metal work that setchs upward to connect to the tier above. With that base created I moved on to create the candle holders and with those in lace i felt I could see my scene beginnign to take shape.

I was not entirely sure how much of my scne I would like to have visible (whether to extend it outwards slightly) so I create two candles rather than just one, ready to slot into their places; one on its side and one upright. Finally to finish off the day I managed to create the Gold brooch that doubles up as the Arachknight Roud Table. by the end of the day I felt my scene was really beginning to take form.

Project2: The Secret lair- (Creating the Hero Prop2)

Some further progression on the building of the ArachKnights secret weapon.

 As can be seen on my original concept painting theres a small brassy coin behaving as a backplate for the ArachKnight, so that it what I set out to create yesterday. Using a simple squashed cylinder I created a rather battered coin by pulling around the vertices. I still have yet to put the design onto it, but I just wanted to block things out for now.

The next step was to create the spiny feature of fishbones that hang from the back of the prop. I used a CV Curve here then with only a few divisions tapered it down to a pint by shrinking the distance between vertices.

At some stage I must create webbing to connect the coin to the ring, on the front and the sheet from which the fishbones protrude at the back. So to begin, I went for the most challenging area, the back. This sheet would hangg freely so i moved onto the challenging area of creating a cloth in the 'nDynamics' section of Maya. Having watched a tutorial by Simon and incessantly bugged my neighbour (Thank You Samantha!) I created a plain that fell as though it was fabric joined tot he edge of the ring. Finally to finish it off I slipped the fishbones into place on the sheet.

I still have a long way to go, but I feel like i'm getting somewhere now.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Project2: The Secret Lair- (Final Concept2)

The Secret Lair of the ArachKnight Sir Callida.

The Round table sits suspended. Weapons lean to one side, ready to snatch at a moments notice. The Hero prop stands upright ready to slide on and the place is draped in the royal colour of purple. I am quite proud of this final piece, but I struggled with the lighting a lot, going for the amber glow of the candles and torches. I think its a bit strong but I can always correct that (and my perspective) on Maya.

Project 2: The Secret Lair (Final Concept-Progression)

Here is the progression through photoshop to my final piece. Again this was delayed by everything else. Clearly I need to sort out my time management. In any case this is the concept- Mark2

 1. Blocking out the shape of the candelabra level, complete with candles and candle holders.

2. Decided to include the arrowhead after all, but more as a walkway piece initially. The coin was to be the round table once I pulled it into perspective.

3. I sat and looked at the scale of some items on my desk and realized, iA coin was too small to be a table, but better suited as seating. So I replaced the coin table with a Gold Brooch table. I finally added some weapons partially inspired by my earlier silhouettes and finally some buttons for shields.

4. With a revision i decided that the shields were more of a distraction than an addition to the space and got rid of them. I finally began to tie everything together with spiderwebs and finished the space with some shreds of fabric in the ArachKnight colour, purple.

 5. I set about creating a background to hopefully emphasize the height of the candelabra and the human world of King Arthur residing below. So I created a very basic painting and blurred it significantly so as not to distract the eye too much.

6. I suddenly remembered at a later stage I had forgotten to switch on my Hero prop and place it. So  wedged with between the back end of the Arrowhead and the ironwork of the candelabra upright, so that the webbing dangled from it, rather than being squashed beneath. The last thing to do was light the whole thing.

Project 2: The Secret Lair - (Thumbnails3)

I meant to post this a long time ago, but other things seemed to keep coming up first.

Not long after my OGR, having taken on board my concept art was at the wrong angle I went about rejigging the camera view and finally trying to deck out the secret lair of my ArachKnight character. I started off with some sketches of Candelabra and soon enough found myself zooming into the ironwork that made it.

Here was an idea that came to mind as to how to present my hero prop, but unfortunately the fact is an arrowhead would dwarf a ring no matter how pretty it looked, so this idea would never be realized.

Here is the basic layout that wound up changing a lot by the end of the final concept (as you are about to see in the following post...)