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Monday, 10 December 2012

Life Drawing- Sessions 9-10

I suddenly realized I hadn't yet uploaded these life drawing sessions (and there is more to come, I believe I still haven't photographed session 11!)
In our 09th session the models were our classmates which made in interesting change. now we were not just focusing on the pose of the figure but the clothing of the individual. Then as a further test we were told to focus on faces. I baulked initially. faces are never easy. But I feel I made a good shot at it. Well... up until the ones where we were asked to memorize features within a time limit and draw from memory.

Now session ten we were back to having the lovely Jane as our model. We completed the usua quick poses and followed with a slightly longer one. I still need a lot of practice when it comes to drawing the head of a figure I always draw them far too small for the body.

Later in the session we were challenged to draw a series of medium length sequential poses, form crouching position to  a stretching one. I feel the page might have looked better if I'd managed to keep each sketch to a similar scale.

 A final more interesting exercise was being introduced to a more fine art approach. We were encouraged to use shreds of paper to create the general shape of the body, stick them to the page with Pritt stick and then work into the figure with charcoal. I was very doubtful of this procedure initially, but pleasantly surprised when I had finished. It opened up a whole new approach that actually turned out to be rather enjoyable, if a little messy. The result was also quite graphic.

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  1. There's something really great about the last one! I can feel how bored and/or tired the model might have been :)
    Really cool!