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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Project 2: The Secret Lair- (Creating the Scene)

I've done it, I have finally kick started modelling the scene of the Arachnid Knight. Yesterday saw me block out a fair amount of it but there are a few bits and pieces to do. I think the most fiddly bits might be the weaponry and possibly the coins. I may do a test run to see how bad a few shield like buttons look (despite editting them out of my final scene) but in any case, here is the progress amde yesterday.

The easiest way to begin i felt was to create the base of the candelabra and then the scrolling metal work that setchs upward to connect to the tier above. With that base created I moved on to create the candle holders and with those in lace i felt I could see my scene beginnign to take shape.

I was not entirely sure how much of my scne I would like to have visible (whether to extend it outwards slightly) so I create two candles rather than just one, ready to slot into their places; one on its side and one upright. Finally to finish off the day I managed to create the Gold brooch that doubles up as the Arachknight Roud Table. by the end of the day I felt my scene was really beginning to take form.


  1. it's looking more like a Chandelier suspended up in the air in maya, do you have anything plans for whats going to be in the background? I was thinking you could even use the maya grids as guides for a type of room

    1. You know what that is a very good question (about the background) I had a very basic idea in the concept art but I always knew it was temporary and now you draw my attention to the grid it may prove really helpful. I'll have to do a few concept sketches of just the background again I think to try and make it clearer in my head... Kinbi- I will let you know :) thanks for the feedback!