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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Project 2: The Secret Lair- (Creating the Scene2)

Well I have been working hard, although the speed of which I have been working seems to have slowed down. I'm not compleing this as fast as I wanted to. Silly little things are taking (or took me) a lot longer than I think is necessary such as the design on the coins.

The addition of the arrowhead to my scene did not take me very long, however trying to create the qwebbing from my concept design did. I began trying to create the planes I hope to eventually cover with a transparency and integrate them with the scene. The best idea I had in which to create planes that hung well, was to make the planes fall like fabrics using nDynamics in Maya. Each of the corners of the plane attaching to anchor points that mirrored the layout of the scene itself. But, much to my frustrations, it refused to do as I wished it, so that will have to be another day.

I managed to finish creating the ArachKnight weapons today. (The four detailed in my concept art) They took a while being so small and fiddly. And also I decided to change one of the props as I felt it just did not fit in with the set. The pen nib weapon just seemed odd and daft so I replaced it with an exaggerated bone shape to double up as a hammer. Now I feel he has a complete set of weapons. A Lance, an Axe, a Hammer and a sort of ball and chain weapon.

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