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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Project 2: The Secret Lair (Final Concept-Progression)

Here is the progression through photoshop to my final piece. Again this was delayed by everything else. Clearly I need to sort out my time management. In any case this is the concept- Mark2

 1. Blocking out the shape of the candelabra level, complete with candles and candle holders.

2. Decided to include the arrowhead after all, but more as a walkway piece initially. The coin was to be the round table once I pulled it into perspective.

3. I sat and looked at the scale of some items on my desk and realized, iA coin was too small to be a table, but better suited as seating. So I replaced the coin table with a Gold Brooch table. I finally added some weapons partially inspired by my earlier silhouettes and finally some buttons for shields.

4. With a revision i decided that the shields were more of a distraction than an addition to the space and got rid of them. I finally began to tie everything together with spiderwebs and finished the space with some shreds of fabric in the ArachKnight colour, purple.

 5. I set about creating a background to hopefully emphasize the height of the candelabra and the human world of King Arthur residing below. So I created a very basic painting and blurred it significantly so as not to distract the eye too much.

6. I suddenly remembered at a later stage I had forgotten to switch on my Hero prop and place it. So  wedged with between the back end of the Arrowhead and the ironwork of the candelabra upright, so that the webbing dangled from it, rather than being squashed beneath. The last thing to do was light the whole thing.


  1. It's really cool to see the whole process and I absolutely agree with Lucy - 3D!