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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Project2: The Secret lair- (Creating the Hero Prop2)

Some further progression on the building of the ArachKnights secret weapon.

 As can be seen on my original concept painting theres a small brassy coin behaving as a backplate for the ArachKnight, so that it what I set out to create yesterday. Using a simple squashed cylinder I created a rather battered coin by pulling around the vertices. I still have yet to put the design onto it, but I just wanted to block things out for now.

The next step was to create the spiny feature of fishbones that hang from the back of the prop. I used a CV Curve here then with only a few divisions tapered it down to a pint by shrinking the distance between vertices.

At some stage I must create webbing to connect the coin to the ring, on the front and the sheet from which the fishbones protrude at the back. So to begin, I went for the most challenging area, the back. This sheet would hangg freely so i moved onto the challenging area of creating a cloth in the 'nDynamics' section of Maya. Having watched a tutorial by Simon and incessantly bugged my neighbour (Thank You Samantha!) I created a plain that fell as though it was fabric joined tot he edge of the ring. Finally to finish it off I slipped the fishbones into place on the sheet.

I still have a long way to go, but I feel like i'm getting somewhere now.

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