Sunday, 2 December 2012

Project2: The Secret Lair- (Final Concept2)

The Secret Lair of the ArachKnight Sir Callida.

The Round table sits suspended. Weapons lean to one side, ready to snatch at a moments notice. The Hero prop stands upright ready to slide on and the place is draped in the royal colour of purple. I am quite proud of this final piece, but I struggled with the lighting a lot, going for the amber glow of the candles and torches. I think its a bit strong but I can always correct that (and my perspective) on Maya.


  1. I had a suspicion you'd be beavering away behind the scenes with this. You know, I'm still struggling a bit to really 'see' this space, but I also know that actually building this space and getting your hands on the lighting and camera etc is going to tighten everything up still further. That said, this feels much more like an environment now - and less like an object. I look forward to seeing the next stage, Emily - onwards!

  2. This is indeed an awesome piece of work! You should be proud of yourself : )

    It's quite a shame that button shields didn't make it to this stage, I relly liked them! : D Also you did great job with the background and purple colour - I remember you were kinda struggling with this issue.

    Again - good job! : ))