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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Project2: The Secret Lair- (Final Stages of Maya)

So, by this point I had begun to texture and shade some of my model, but I had yet to UV map the bita that needed it. So far the texturing I had done involved use of transparencies in order to create the webbing stretching around my scene. The newer stuff I had to UV would be the items that really needed some sort of texture to make them of a tangible material. So that meant 'UV-ing' the ironwork that made the chandelier and also the arrowhead, featured in the foreground.

Unfortunately I completely forgot to evidence everything in my image as simply textured and also it was because I had tried (early on) to replicate candlelight with this rather garish yellow glow, in order to see what my scene might look like. However in the image below you can see evidence of some fairly successful bump mapping. A little help on how to do it went a long way fortunately. As soon as this was done well, my scene started to feel like a scene and not just a model.

Sure that a candle could not cast as much glow as the above images, I axed several lights and much to my surprise it made my Matte painting appear to integrate some more with my model. I inserted a blue light from 'the window's' which catch rather nicely off the metal work of the chandelier and the arrowhead.

The candle still appeared rather bright in the previous image and the webbing looked very white, so I toned the pair down a little more and went on to play with a few minor details leading eventually to my final render.

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