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Sunday, 13 January 2013

CG Artists Toolkit- (Life Drawing and Flour Sack Animation))

So we began the morning life drawing with a series of emotive stances. One of fear, boredom, excitement and so on.


Later we moved onto action poses in which peers would be drawn completing a short movement e.g. throwing a ball. We had to draw the start position middle position and the end position of most drawings. As the exercise went on we had less time to complete the drawings, eventually we were sketching out body's in just one minute. I feel I made a rather messy job of these and I need to improve on my communication of actions. Maybe some large marker pens of different colours would make them easier to read...

After the mornings exercise we got down to a new animation. To ensure we had grasped squash and stretch we have been told to create a short animation of a flour sack somehow jumping over an obstacle in its path. A box. Below is my initial action plan. A really basic series of sketches showing the key movements.

However I have already changed some of the actions realizing they may be a little too time consuming. In doing a test I discovered making the sack stretch one way took nearly 10 frames to do. So I let him stretch just the once and instead of bending forward and back up again I've made it look as if it is inhaling and exhaling. Unfortunately I could not save the test movie because the lighting was so poor and my animation was hardly visible. I am hoping I manage to do a decent job of the run up, although that may also change to a hop, but we shall see.

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