Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Life Drawing- (Sessions 11-12)

By the end of last term the thought of photographing and uploading my last two sessions of life drawing (and one of animation drawing) had completely escaped my mind. Now that I have remembered, here are the results of those last sessions for 2012

Session 11
So we started with the usual quick poses and moved on to slightly longer ones. This time we had an interesting look at Jane's figure as she began to utilize props. I feel i began to improve with the longer poses.

 These later poses were something between 20-30 minutes each if memory serves. I decided to revisit a technique we tested in a previous session. i liked the jagged immediacy of the acrylic paint. It helps me add the shadow and dimension to the form fairly quickly. I like to then build further onto it using the charcoal.

Session 12

We began with quick poses, around two minutes for each of them before we went on to try something different. In this eercise we were encouraged to draw only the most important shapes when studying a moving subject. So in the case of the second landscape image, we were told to draw Jane as she slowly walked around the room. I was forced to try and convey the general shape of her body whilst in that motion in essentially one line with each stage I studied. It was difficult but an interesting exercise.

The next few exercises were just encouraging us to try different mediums when drawing the static form.


  1. wow these are really nice. Could you draw like this before the course or has it helped you develop?