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Monday, 14 January 2013

Project 3: Storytelling and Commission- (Influence Maps)

Having been given the variables of the project I set about on some initial research and a good place to start is a dictionary definition of each of my words.

A Restaurant- A place in which people pay to sit and eat meals that are cooked and served on the premises

A Clown- 1 A comic entertainer, esp. one in a circus, wearing traditional costume and make up
             2 A comical, silly or playful person
             3 A foolish or incompetent person

A Lasso- A rope with a noose on the end used esp. in North America for catching cattle or horses.

The definitions of my words better understood, a few days ago, I went on to create some very general influence maps ready for when I start to create the look of my stories when I have chosen one. They might also help me in generating ideas too.

Restaurants have taken to a very generic layout for optimum efficiency, fitting in their guests and providing the necessary facilities but some restaurants have a very specific cuisine that they serve and with that in ind have altered their premises to accommodate and communicate that. So I looked up some themed restaurant ideas and the general look of the interior of a restaurant.

There was not much to really search up about the Lasso. it is usually a piece of rope used in capturing or ensnaring livestock most commonly. There area few characters known for using a Lasso, the most obvious, Cowboys, less obvious Wonder Woman. But there is another angle to look at. What if the Lasso was not a rope but maybe a limb or attached to the person wielding it, hence the images from Tangled. A similar idea could be used on mouse or rat characters. Or any character that actively usesiits tail to grab things...

Now there are many different versions of clowns, each with their own types of acts and personality as well as make-up and costume. Mimes,black and white clowns that express everything through gesture. Auguste Clowns, the brightly coloured generic clown, harlequin clowns who are jester like entertainers and more. I discovered a novel way in which each clown identifies themselves within the 'Clown International' Organization. Painted eggs. Clown's have a trademark face make up that is unique to them and within this organization is a gallery of eggs with the face paint of each member upon it along with their character name in the business.

Well thats my research for so far, no doubt there will be more to come!

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  1. Haha! Oh I do love your influence map layout. Links very well. It's a bit much on the eye though with the clown map - Qwoar!