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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Project 3: Storytelling and Commission- (Story ideas)

So I started to think about little stories I could construct from a restaurant environment, a clown character and a lasso for a prop. Here are a few ideas.

A clown is asked to perform in a western themed restaurant but has been instructed his act must include a lasso to comply with the whole feel of the place. Not possessing the skills, the clown arrives in the morning at the premises while it’s closed, to practise handling a rope. The problem is the performance is at 4pm…to a pack of unforgiving children and parents. The clown practises very unsuccessfully, the lasso catching onto all kinds of things with bad consequences. For example, the rope successfully catching a door handle and when pulled with glee, slams into the clown knocking him over. Another example being in trying to throw the rope forward it catches on a plaque of mounted bull-horns in the wall. When yanked forward it slams into the clown pinning him, by the horns, to the floor. 4’Oclock rolls around and he faces the audiences. To his utmost surprise his every disaster sets off applause, even though he destroys half the restaurant in the process.

A very busy restaurant is thrown into turmoil when a mischievous clown awaiting the arrival of a children’s birthday part, roams around the buzzing kitchen, pulling gags on the cooks which end disastrously. On entry to the kitchen the clown first frightens chef number one by mistake, who leaps backwards with a pan in his hand, knocking out chef number two. Chef number three is squirted in the face with the flower gag. Having been blinded while chopping, he accidentally puts a knife through his hand. Chef number one faints having seen the knife in chef three’s hand and so that leaves just one chef to try and take care of the entire kitchen. In a bid to rectify his mistake the clown sets about with his circus skills to keep the food cooking and help chef number four, using a number of surprising techniques. This is where the lasso comes into play, pulling pans this way and that whipping knives of the walls to chop and spinning plates and so forth. In the end they save the dinnertime rush.

In a bar and restaurant a father and son approach the bar. The son has clown like attributes, a huge smile, huge eyes and large frizzy blonde hair. The father picks up a menu, meanwhile the son clambers onto a stool and begins to make a nuisance of himself with a length of string. A short way down the bar sits a grumpy looking woman with a meal and her nose in some romance novel. The boy makes her the target of his pranks, lassoing her drink at first. He then begins to lasso her chips one by one, hiding behind a menu when she looks round. When he successfully pinches a chipolata, it’s the last straw for the lady. Subtly, she sinks a fork into a pile of mushy pea’s, and as the boy prepares to ensnare more of her dinner, slams her hand down on the fork catapulting pea’s into the boys face. With a smirk, the lady dismounts her stool and picks up her belongings… a bright orange huge wig, a red nose and a garish coloured jacket that she pulls on before leaving the restaurant, with a squeak of her nose at the still stunned boy, the clown lady leaves.

A clown and a cowboy are sat in a restaurant in two separate booths back-to-back. The cowboy looks very serious, focused on his meal in quiet. The clown, whilst trying to eat his own meal has his various gags going off, irritating the cowboy to the point he decides to take action using a number of objects on his person to counteract the clowns gags. After several fairly minor gags, the clown sneezes; his red nose flying off, bouncing off the table and his glass and backwards into the cowboy’s dinner. The nose displaces a whole sausage, throwing it to the floor. The cowboy, now feeling cheated peeps over the back of the booth and using his lasso ensnares one of the clowns sausages. The cowboy yanks it back thinking he's won, when he finds he's ensnared a squeaky dog toy instead. Furious, the cowboy flies to his feet, the clown also stands to face him. Both draw weapons. A gun each aimed at each other’s heads. They fire simultaneously. The cowboys hat is thrown from his head by a bullet from the clowns gun, while the cowboys weapon simply shoots out the flag message entitled ‘bang’. After several moments of silence, a wide-eyed, shaking cowboy, slowly returns to his seat to finish his dinner. The clown sits with a smug look on his face and does the same.

In the middle of a street there is a restaurant entitled ‘Pies R Us’. A normal looking young lady enters the premises and comes to a halt when she see’s the inside. The interior of this restaurant is mayhem. It’s a restaurant for clowns. And the reason it is called ‘Pies R Us’ is because no one leaves unless they receive a pie in the face. As she tries to back out, a series of clown shaped obstacles stop her. The lady is forced to run a circuit around the restaurant dodging all pies and gags to come around and hopefully escape with some dignity. In a bid to get out she uses the loop on her little hand bag as a lasso to swing from the lights and open doors and bat chairs out of the way and so on. She wins her battle, making it outside without getting pied. But in staring back wistfully at the restaurant having had so much fun, she is faced with a lone clown with a custard pie. After a quiet moment of smiling, she takes the pie and pie’s herself before walking back into the restaurant to order some real pie and get involved with the chaos.

Well those are my initial story idea's let me know what you think and any suggestions you might have! :)


  1. I like idea 3 best... theres a nice connection between your two characters with a fun twist. idea 1 also sounds fun... if you chose that one id suggest looking into old school music hall clowns... like war time clowns because it was usually thier whole act to be bad at what thier doing :) good luck and have fun

    1. Wohoo first feedback, thank you! I feel like I can't move forward without some outside opinion on these stories. I am also a fan of three because I like the twist. Thank you for the hint on the music hall clowns. I'll go and look them up :)