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Monday, 4 February 2013

CG Artists Toolkit- (Pre-Viz and Character Animation)

Pre-Viz- Dolly Shot, Crane shot and Distance Shots

Here are the last session of Pre-Viz tutorials. First is the Dolly Shot. A really simple shot, but it sets up a stand off scene really well.

Second up is the crane shot. Its strange how the corner of that house appears to jut out, despite the fact that the rig has the camera pulling away at that point...

Thirdly, we have a series of distance shots. The first is the close up, focusing on the transaction in hand. The second is more of a medium shot, focused more on the characters; we assume they would be in mid conversation. The last one is a more secretive camera angle (or voyeuristic), as though the characters are being watched.

Character Animation- Arm and Toadstool

Now onto the animation. These were completed last week. The animated arm feels like we are really getting stuck into character animation. This is the first fully acted out motion of a character... well- a limb. But even so, the snatch is really exaggerated and cartoon like. I'm quite proud of it. The mushroom was fun to do, instilling squash and stretch. The bouncing mushroom reminds me of an old Disney clip I was once shown. 

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  1. Hi Emily - love that fact you're reflecting upon and responding to you pre-viz shots - I can literally feel your brain drinking everything in! Good stuff!