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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Life Drawing- Sessions 14-16

I'm a bit late on posting this lot up  know, but here they are. Sessions 14-16.

For session 14, after our initial quick poses we were encouraged to draw with an emotion in mind. Including Anger- the drawing with the black halo. Nervousness- the drawing in which Jane is curled up in an arm chair and lastly Power. The poses and facial expressions certainly helped in drawing, but i feel i could have been more artistic with communicating these emotions.

Session 15 was a very interesting one. Someone made the request that we did quick poses all session and having just watched Psycho we knew exactly where to starts after completing the warm-up quick poses. To continue with a theme of dynamism and animation, Jane agreed to hold a series of poses that together created an action, paying homage Hitchcock the first action was a stabbing one.

As the session progressed we tried drawing at different speeds, having completed one animation sequence with 2 minutes for each pose, we sped up the pace with the second one having only a minute for each. You can see where I came unstuck in the first drawing only managing an arm and a shoulder at first. With more gestural shapes I managed to become quicker as the exercise continued. We tried other movements, this next charcoal one was Jane shying away as though something was being thrown at her.
  We moved onto other poses and I tried to change my sequence drawings. this was an unsuccessful experiment as Jane was creating the movement of someone ecstatically punching the air and therefore her main frame hardly moved while her extremities did and my choice of materials was not all that wise either. The next few drawings however were completed simply using curved lines only and ovals, for more of a gesture drawing.  I tried to continue with this technique in the last page filled with a series of quick sketches. It got a little too loose and messy by the end, but we achieved a lot in this session.

Session 16 saw us going the polar opposite to all the quick poses the week before, this time we were to do a single pose for the entire session. I shrunk the scale of Jane into my page in order to incorporate the environment, I think maybe that was the wrong decision. It should not have been quite so small, I could not get any detail in Jane's features and she was just too small in the space.


  1. how odd - I wrote a comment about your life-drawing days back and it's vanished? All I wrote was how lovely these drawings are - especially like the sequential ones, and the image of the woman curled up in the chair.

    1. Well thanks Phil :D I liked drawing the sequential ones too. I don't believe I updated this one, so I'm not sure what happened to your comment!