Thursday, 28 February 2013

Project 4: The Fantastic Voyage- (Briefing and Initial Research)

Well we were briefed on tuesday as to the nature of our commission project. Our aim is to create a fully rendered, two minute animation on an education topic, Biology- More specifically cells. We've been given the Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells to look at with a variety of areas to investigate. We could do any of these combinations:

The structure of a prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell
The structure of a eukaryotic cell
The structure of a prokaryotic cell
The cycle of a prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell
The cycle of a eukaryotic cell
The cycle of a prokaryotic cell

Now we are aiming to create these educational videos for teens in Key Stage 4 and above (essentially GCSE students aged 14 up to 6th form aged 18) And with any luck Phil might be involving some students from Strood Academy, so we could get some feedback with regard to how useful our work is to them as students.

I feel I have a little head start with this being an ex-Biology A-level student so I have some understanding of the biology (surprisingly some of what I learned seems to have stuck!) This could see me embarrass myself however if I don't get my facts right, so I will be digging out my old folders just to be sure.

The creativity on this project has the potential to sway depending on what kind of video I might want to achieve. I could make a completely educational video, to aid the learning about these cells. This would make accuracy and communication imperative. I could make a video to entice students when making their career choices and selecting their path through education. This could result in a video thats all about the wow factor as well as the facts and figures. I could make a video with a slightly different theme, such as a game style, although still communicating cell biology. 

Phil showed us some good examples of past students work that were very inspiring. There is definitely a lot to think about with this project! But first things first- research!

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  1. Emily I like this short text :D, very nice way of getting closer to the project :D