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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Project 4: The Fantastic Voyage- (Initial Research and creative partnership)

So I dug into my folders the day of briefing and began to gather my information on cells and cell structure, gathering  few diagrams from the web, here's a scribd document of all my findings so far on the structure of Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic cells. I will do a separate post into the details of the cells cycle later.

Getting to grips with our projects at the moment seems to be a little bit slow in progress however I can see creative partnerships speeding it up. I have been grouped with Shan, Peta-Gaye, Anass and Katy. Already Peta-Gaye has struck gold with regards to an idea and we, (Peta and I) got into conversation about where things could go from there. Fortunately She remembered to record the conversation in aid of our Creative Partnership Archive. We hope to continue to do voice recordings for the duration of this new project- with everyone grouped together next time.

So Peta-Gayes idea is as follows- 'I have decided to focus on explaining the structure of the Prokaryotic cell through a song that would sing the information in a catchy way while still giving the target audience the information they need about the song. I want the animation to be humorous and something that a teacher could show to their class to break the ice on the topic of the Prokaryotic cell. The animation that would accompany the music would feature the cell dancing and wiggling parts of its structure as the song points it out.'

Here is the recording.


  1. voice recordings! Fab - you just need somekind of 'Creative Partnership Icon' to accompany the video clip. Yes - Commission always starts a bit slow, but it's not slow for long...

    1. Indeed, its going to have to be three times as fast for that pitch to be good an decent thats for sure! :D Ooooh I like the little logo idea for creative partnership... thanks Phil!