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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Project3: Storytelling and Commission- (Character Designing)

So to follow on my earlier Clown post I have here a few ideas for the faces of my other two key characters.

Firstly the strung out, manager of the failing restaurant. This character is partially inspired by the character Basil Fawlty, of the old tv sitcom, Fawlty Towers. Although I imagine my Manager character to be permanently exasperated and short fused. Not quite as physically active as Basil, although he would probably shout as much.

Secondly the haughty Critic, who doesn't mince her words and can bring down a restaurant chain with one bad review. This character is very quiet. I imagine most of her communication is through her eyebrows. Her size I'm thinking is more like that of Edna Mode from the Incredibles.

All the faces have been labelled alphabetically, let me know which faces look the best for each character!


  1. he also looks like the shouting type

  2. E is a very good one for your character!
    This character overall reminds me of Basil from Fawlty Towers. :D

    G is a good one, too! Have you thought of looking at the Food critic from Ratatouille? Although he's a male, tall and skinny... he might give you a good idea on how to turn him female and short!

    Nice designs! :D

    1. Anton Ego, yes he's been niggling in the back of my mind whilst designing for this project. I'm keen not to accidentally copy any previous characters though. I feel like there's a danger I'll wind up emulating Edna Mode from 'The Incredibles' or Ego because they have a great severity about their design.

  3. I think the glasses work well on the snooty woman, as the glasses can be used quite expressively, looking over them in disappointment/speculation etc :D