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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Project3: Storytelling and Commission- (The Restaurant)

As can be seen from my research influence maps, my restaurant is going to take on the style of a 1940's Diner. Below is an experiment into colour schemes for my restaurant, based on some of the colours lifted from my influence map of existing Diners that I researched.

Below is the floor plan I created a little while ago to try and determine in my minds eye how the script would play out in a space. 
Finally the following image is a digital painting taking the point of view if someone had just walked into the restaurant and was looking down towards the bar. the image is in black and white currently because I have yet to decide on a colour scheme.


  1. You're on fire, Ms Clarkson! Lovely work coming from you at the moment - keep it up, keep it going - but you did look tired when I last saw you transfixed by the Kraken, so make sure a) you're taking screen breaks, b) you're drinking lots of water, and c) you're eating all your greens! ;)

    The red seat is immediately evocative of time and place, but all those other schemes are evocative too, but maybe the red with a black and white floor?

    1. Traditional all the way it is. It would be wrong to do it any other way. i found an existing restaurant in New York I think, called EJ's that did it in blue and it just wasn't the same. I felt more drawn to the red from 'Rosy Panels', although I might try to replicate the shinyness of 'Shimmery Alien' and then use the refractive black plastic of 'Flesh Pink'.

  2. Definitely red seats! Old-fashioned but stylish : D