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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Project3: Storytelling and Commission- (Character Designing)

So Having designed some faces I got to creating the body shapes that might suit the select few I'm taking onwards. From the Clown faces I chose the first one (top left) to take forward. Its a sweet face, not at all creepy and has potential for a great number of expressions.
In figuring out the silhouette form for him, I looked specifically to him in his altered Waiters uniform, trying to pinpoint the exact features I wanted. normal sized hat/small hat, huge cowboy boots/regular cowboy boots, plump clown/skinny clown. I'm still unsure of which features I really want in my final clown.

 Next up is the Manager character. Now with feedback and my own preference, I cannot decide between the faces of A or E, so when I made the silhouettes I had both faces in mind. 

So here we have several variations. Two tall, two short and then one of each pair is a little plump while the other is skinny. I'm not sure which of these variations communicates a strung out boss more.

Thirdly we have the critic. Now this character I have a struggle between two extremes. In looking through the faces, most of them received a vote which didn't help me narrow them down. So I ended up taking through three of the six. G, I and J.

 Figuring out the body types of these ladies proved difficult as the look for G and I seem to fit well with a puny body, much like 1 of the silhouettes sheet. But J looks interesting and has potential to be absolutely enormous. This posed an interesting problem, should the critic be a tiny lady with immense power of restaurants and their managers, or should she literally be a towering woman that dwarfs them in physical power as well?

In any case to try and put some scale in the matter the silhouettes sheet below gives you an idea of the size of the characters in relation to one another.

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  1. For the manager's body, i really like 2, The tall, tight, stiff body shape would really speak for his personality, and B for the critic. :D