Thursday, 21 February 2013

Project3: Storytelling and Commission- (Starting Pre-Viz )

So I finally began building my set at the beginning of the week, here are the stills from the modeling matching the various scenes from my script. Unfortunately the lighting is not all that great in some of them. Here I was trying to figure out some of the camera angles from the scenes in my storyboards.

The Restaurant Exterior

The Restaurant Interior

FlashBack Saloon Doors

The Anti-Room (Storeroom/Corridor)

The Managers Office

Unfortunately due to time management issues this is how the Pre-Viz remained, un-animated. It was started, following the completion of the animatic (which was slowed down due to a few technical hiccups), however that was too late to produce anything and put together in PremierPro. This is really disappointing as I am sure creating this Pre-Viz would really have helped me get to grips with using Maya better and understanding how to pace a sequence using the animation software. I hope in future something like this does not happen again. 

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