Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Toolkit Animation- (Character design sheets and Charades)

So in last weeks lesson I was started off on the character walk cycle section of the project, where my character (my clown from Storytelling Project 3) will walk a pace or two with his own unique gait and then interact with a prop. (A rope Lasso) The sheet below consists of 2 sheets worth of drawings of the clown in various poses and motions.

In todays session of animation, to shake things up a bit and make them more fun, Meg produced a mystical blue box filled with sheets of paper with a word on. We were to play charades and act out the mood or characteristic until one of the rest of the group guessed it.  The person doing the acting would strike a single pose of that mood and the rest of us had a minute to draw it as expressively as possible. It was a fun exercise. I hope we do some more of them and get to do some more dynamic stuff. And I also hope I improve my drawing style to try and be slightly more exaggerated in my drawing.

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