Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Toolkit Maya- Biped Rigging (Feet, Legs and Spine)

Well its taken me two sessions to complete this first one but it is finally (almost) done! I made a mistake (annoyingly, somewhere near the beginning) When first placing IK handles into the legs. As it would seem the IK in the left leg is the wrong type. (I made it an IKSCsolver instead of an IKRPsolver)which therefore meant I could not attach a pole vector to the left leg. On a happier note i achieved it with the right leg! Not sure how to fix an error made so early in the process I continued to build the rig keen to at least learn the rest of the tutorial. I shall try and get this fixed in the next Maya session on monday.

So continuing on from my (almost) complete leg rig I began to build the spine. It was not nearly as hard as creating the legs, but then again I only had to create it and the controls the once. I'm looking forward to completing this guy and also really appreciating how much time and patience rigging requires!

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