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I give you the first of 'The Bob Animations.' I hope you enjoy this little animation. The next one is already in production!!!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

CG Artists Toolkit- (Character Interaction1)

So I got started on creating my clown character and his walk and subsequent interaction with a prop, his lasso. Below is the video of the keyframes. To try and get some pacing in there I simply duplicated a few frames which is why there are a few elements of lifelessness in the animation. To complete this animation I'm going to have to draw a lot of inbetween's and also to try and create a 'boil' with any still images (retracing the same image a few times) Please excuse the washing out towards the end, I changed pencils without realizing and used a paler one by mistake...

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  1. I love it! It#s already amazing and it's going to be even better when you add all the inbetweens :D!