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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Life Drawing- Sessions 17-19

Well three weeks it taken me to remember to photograph these and upload them. Oh well, better late than never.

So session 17 started with the usual warm up sketches, with somewhere between 2 and 3 minutes to draw each pose. It was followed by a slightly different approach to posing. At the request of Tom (who took over our session seeing as Chris was away) Jane was asked to take poses seen in some classical artworks. I cannot recall the names of the artworks Jane emulated in her poses, however they were interesting to draw.

For session 18 we were introduced to a new male model, (shamefully, I forget his name) however he did have some really lovely poses for us. Beginning the session with quick sketches around 2 minutes long we moved on to slightly longer poses. I believe we had ten minutes each on the 2nd page of poses. We moved onto longer sitting poses, trying to capture his posture. I feel I could have done better and I should really experiment with different materials, these drawings (not just this session) are all looking very similar due to my repeated use of black charcoal.

 Session 19 was a little different. With the absence of a model, we drew each other instead. We did some quick sketches at the beginning, our friends holding poses for around a minute or two. We then moved onto try and draw Jackie (page 2) sat down in a slightly confusing pose. Her head facing one direction and her body the other. I'm not entirely sure how long we had to draw her in this pose but I was fairly pleased with the result. The last page was an interesting exercise. Chris asked us to 'draw each other drawing' Looking across the space we tried to capture the peers opposite while they were trying to do the same. It was quite good fun, but there's always the pressure of drafting out their pose quickly as they move and adjust their stance while drawing. It was nice to add in a depth to the image with those who were close in the foreground and those on the other side of the room.

 Like I said in the annotation with session 18, I still need to change the materials I use to draw in these sessions, despite using coloured conte pencils I still used a huge amount of charcoal- and its so boring! I think next session I'll try to remember to take some inks with me or coloured chalks and maybe even shredded paper to try and do something similar to the collage exercise we tried a few sessions back with Tom.


  1. Not only slightly confusing...but slightly uncomfortable too! Half an hour sitting like that, and a stiff neck for 2 days afterwards....

    1. I'm not surprised if it was half an hour! Goodness me! Well in that case, very well done and thank you for holding that pose as long as you did Jackie. You did a fantastic job. i remember noting that your head hardly moved at all. And I hope your neck is well healed now.