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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Project 4: The Fantastic Voyage- (OGR)

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  1. OGR 07/03/2013

    Evening Emily,

    Okay - yes, so these gaming-style 'character' profiles are an engaging way to give away this information - though it does seem to me as if this approach might make even more sense if you were using it in a 'compare and contrast' way; rather like 'Top Trump' cards in which particular characters are profiled as having different sorts of strengths and weaknesses; for example, if you were choosing to 'play' as either an prokaryotic cell or a eukaryotic cell - what would be the benefits/disadvantages?


    I wasn't too sure about the 'cuteness' element suggested by some of your thumbnails; there seems to me a mismatch in terms of the influences you're giving and then the youngish feel of those big-eyed cells. Obviously, games like Little Big Planet and Spore are 'cute' in this way, so I'm not suggesting cute + character bios are somehow mutually exclusive, I'm suggesting that in your interface concept art, the feel is much more 'sci-fi' than 'cute'.

    The other HUGE consideration if you're essentially dealing with interface design is typography and graphic design; because you need to strike a balance between image and text - to essentially avoid the situation where people are 'reading' off a screen in a less-than-dynamic way.

    So, some stuff to refine further and think about: the possibility of adding a top trumps compare/contrast element to the purpose of your visual concept.

    The overall 'visual concept' - is it cute? (if so, then the interface design and typography would need to synch up more satisfyingly). Is it a bit more tech/sci-fi? If so, same considerations apply.

    Typography/graphic design/interface design.

    I want you guys to move to a 'thumbnail animatic' stage asap - i.e. start putting sequences of drawings onto a timeline + sfx as soon as possible, because breaking down the info and getting it staged and structured is key now - particularly if, like you, you're also dealing with the introduction of text elements (for instance, giving sufficient time for people to read content is something students often miscalculate).

    So - a few things to think about, Emily: I look forward to some updates on here soon :) Onwards!